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– Dearborn CooLocationTM Unleashed!
Dearborn, MI, September 17th, 1997: Apex Global Internet Services, Inc. (AGIS) the nation’s fourth-largest carrier of Internet traffic, announced today the grand opening of its first of several collocation facilities. Commonly known as CooLocationsTM, these innovative, high quality housing plans offer ISPs, content providers and large corporations peace of mind by providing:

· Direct backbone connectivity with 24×7 NOC support
· Secured and environmentally controlled facilities
· Congestion free transport and content distribution via IP replication
· Dedicated Internet connections from 2 Mbps to 155 Mbps
· Industry leading price structure

“The Internet as a business product has evolved into an important tool by which companies exchange mission critical data. The savvy Internet community has become intolerant of websites which take too long to download or are unreachable due to equipment or network failure,” said Cary Joshi, Director of Business Development at AGIS. “We have been able to clear the Internet Highway by geographically dispersing Web servers and replicating their content, thus providing the end-user with a fast, clear path to your content . . . not your competitor’s.”

The AGIS CooLocationTM attacks the dilemma of Internet congestion at its root by allowing several geographically dispersed servers to share a single IP address. Using AGIS’ fully redundant, carrier-class facilities which are backed by diesel generators, equipment can be strategically placed at multiple locations offering faster routing and valuable protection against equipment failure. No longer will you or your customer have to wait for repairs; AGIS will automatically re-route your data to the nearest replicated site using their pioneered ATM backbone technology.

AGIS (, founded in 1994, provides Internet access to millions of users via its extensive customer base of Regional Bell Operating Companies, content providers, large corporations and Internet Service Providers. Always the technology leader, AGIS was the first National Service Provider to offer commercial 155 Mbps connections to the Internet, the first to reduce points of failure in a network by using switching technologies and the first to design a wholesale business model (so as not to compete with customers by selling retail access). AGIS offers Internet connectivity from 56Kbps to 155Mbps.